Black Rose Wars

Created by Ludus Magnus Studio LLC

Black Rose Wars is a tactical fighting game among aspiring mages striving to become the next Great Master of the Lodge. Developed over the last three years, it features solid mechanics, tried and tested in numerous trade shows and in many different groups of playtesters. In Black Rose Wars, there are lots of different ways you can win. It's up to you to find the method that best suits your strategy, successfully completing missions, defeating enemy mages or destroying the rooms of the lodge. But beware... because the lodge may get the better of you.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Infernal Evocations
2 days ago – Sat, Aug 24, 2019 at 01:53:50 AM

Hello Magisters!

After the short summer break we are back to work and after finishing the visit to the Inferno Rooms we continue to explore this incredible expansion by going to see how the infernal Evocations work under Lucifer's control, also giving some information about the prince of darkness, which will be explained more deeply in the next update. We will also give you new information on the status of I wave shipments and II wave production.

But let's not waste any more time, let's discover the secrets of Lucifer!

Lucifer Action cards

At the beginning of Lucifer's turn, players must draw the top card of his Action Deck and, crossing their fingers, will have to apply their effects.

As you can see from the figure these cards have more sections: on the top of the card (1), you will find his name and the Moon he belongs to (as we will see the action cards become stronger depending on the Moon you are in).

In the central part (2) you will find a diagram that will show you how many and which summons Lucifer will deploy in the Lodge before activating. The amount of summoning will depend on the number of players. In the example, we show you, in a 2-player game he will field Barbariccia (BA), with 3 or 4 players he will also field a Centauro (CR) and a Arpia (AR); in 5 or 6 players will not field any more Demons.

In the last section of the card (3) you will find the real Lucifer action, which will show you how to move it and the type of attack it will perform, in a way very similar to that used by Crono, for those of you (un)lucky enough to have faced it.

Lucifer Action Cards

Lucifer Evocation Cards

These Evocations are very similar to those usually used by BRW's Magisters, but obviously, they have additional information. After the name of the Demon, you will find a string with 3 information (1), from Left to the right: the Demon Aggression Value, then its Acronym (eg, BA stands for Barbariccia) and finally the number of Power Points obtained by all the Magisters when they defeat the Demon.

As we will see in the next Update, Lucifer is considered to all intents and purposes as a player and will activate in his turn exactly like the other Players. This also applies to the Evocation Phase, so when it comes to him, he will start to activate his (probably many) Demons.

When a Demon must activate, you must first check if there is at least one Mage with a Threat Value equal to or higher than his Aggression Value, reachable by the Demon with his movement. If this condition is met, the Demon will move and attack the nearest Magister (in case of a tie the Player with the Crown of Minos will decide who to attack). In Practice the Aggression Value is used to understand if a demon will activate or not during the Evocation Phase ... it is a value that the most astute Mage will be able to use to their advantage to save their lives!

In the central part of the card (2), you will find as usual the characteristics of the Demon's Movement, Attack, and Health... Yep, Barbariccia hurts!

Finally, in the lower part (3) its special rules, which in the case of Barbariccia, are particularly lethal. The beautiful lady (?) In fact, besides being immune to magical damage (prepare your fists and fists of your Evocation), she will also reactivate Lucifer whenever she has been activated. Consequently, the Mage with a threat value of 5 or more would do well to stay away from her.

Barbariccia Evocation card

Even after this quick overview, it is clear that the Magisters will have to move very carefully in the Lodge to avoid having too many Demons activated during the Evocation Phase, or they will have to try to "pilot" their activations to suffer as little damage as possible. Playing Inferno without thinking about what will happen in the Evocation Phase can prove fatal in a thousand different ways ... believe me on the word!

What do you think? Are you ready to face Lucifer's servants? But don't believe that the surprises end here, there are still many Lucifer secrets to discover ... but everything in its time!

I Wave shipment

We have just finished speaking with Dan Harrington, CEO of Shipnaked. He updated us on the situation, a situation that also involves aspects of his company and for this, he asked us to be they to communicate to you the causes of this delay, they are therefore preparing an official statement for Monday or at the latest Tuesday.

I want to reassure you that the situation has finally been released and that shipments will start within the second week of September, the exact date will be communicated directly to you by SN when they post the Statement on our message board.

I personally apologize for this delay, but I am glad that this situation has finally been released.

II Wave Production

At the moment we have officially completed all the work on the miniatures, and therefore a good part of the Pre-production work has been successful.

Molds are Ready!

We have also completed the design of the Sator Box and guys ... I don't mind you when I tell you it will be one of the biggest boxes you have ever received, as soon as we have images of the final product we will share them with you to scare you.

On the front of the Rulebooks, both the Inferno and the Sator box are completed and are currently being edited and revised.

The translations have started, but as we have already told you before, we are aware that it will be the sector that will probably make us lose more time and resources, given the amount of material to be translated in 6 languages. Now that the summer holidays are over (or almost) we hope to give a strong sprint to this part of the job. We will keep you updated on developments, but in the meantime, we will show you some juicy pics.

Demonologist family shot!
Kitsune...we love her!

That's all for this update! See you in a couple of weeks and as always on the message board!


Infernal Rooms Episode 6
28 days ago – Sun, Jul 28, 2019 at 09:34:19 PM

Hi, Magisters!

Here we are on the last step of our long journey through the Inferno rooms! For the grand finale, we will visit the Purple Rooms and the latest and most fearsome room of Inferno, the place where Lucifer himself dwells: the Tartar!

Let's not waste any more time, our Guest is waiting for us!

Cerchio dei Lussuriosi (Circle of Lusts)

The second circle of Inferno houses the souls of those who in life were overwhelmed by their carnal passions that inevitably led them to damnation. Here the Lusts are dragged into the air by an eternal, infernal storm that overwhelms them as lust overwhelmed them when they were alive. Cleopatra, Achille, Tristano, Paolo, and Francesca are some of the famous characters who suffer this eternal punishment.

Where is Cleopatra?
Where is Cleopatra?

Activating this Room, the Magisters will earn 1 Power Point and can heal two of their Wounds; not bad if you need some refreshment or if you need PP for your purposes or for those of the group! 

Activating the Room, however, will also immediately cause one of the Lucifer Demons to act, the one with greater Aggressiveness. This effect at first glance can be really harmful to the players, but a clever Magister could find a way to use it to his advantage ...

Bolgia dei Ruffiani (Circle of Ruffians)

In this Room, the Ruffians are punished, that is, those who in life were seduced by their own advantage or by the benefit of others. In this garden, sinners run naked continually whipped by the infernal servants of Lucifer.

Did you like flowers?
Did you like flowers?

In this Room, a Mage can play a spell directly from his hand, but in doing so, he will also have to draw a new card and apply it immediately.

The usefulness of this Room needs no explanation, but you will have to be careful not to abuse it as you will see, the Inferno Events can be really lethal and broke the best strategy! Power always has a price!

Bolgia dei Ladri  (Circle of Thieves)

In the seventh pit, the Thieves are punished, placed among snakes, with their hands tied by snakes, and they themselves transformed in snakes. The Snake is the animal that best identifies Lucifer and his tricks, and that is why the abject souls that inhabit this circle are distressed.

Snakes!?!?!?!? I hate Snakes!
Snakes!?!?!?!? I hate Snakes!

The Magister who activates this Room will be able to take over the Crown of Minos, inflicting 1 wound to the Magister who owned it. Furthermore, if the Magician who activates the Room already had the Crown, he will also suffer 1 damage. The Crown of Minos replaces the traditional Crown of BRW, and besides making the first player, it gives the last word on many effects, like the choice of the target of an Event card and so on.

But as always in Inferno, the Power always has a high price to pay, and therefore the Crown bearer at the end of the game will suffer a penalty at his Power Points!


And here we have finally arrived in the heart of Inferno, the place where Lucifer sits on his frozen throne. From here, he enjoys the sight of every single tormented soul in his realm, and he waits patiently for a Magister, corrupted by his ambition, demand his services.... paying the highest price ever.

I can see you...
I can see you...

This Room is the infernal counterpart of the Black Rose Room, and so even here you will have the chance to make your own Forbidden Spell, but here every time you do, so you will also activate Lucifer by draw and immediately apply one of his Action Cards. From the first Inferno game, you will learn how lethal Lucifer could be when activated, and therefore, you will have to use this Room very carefully to avoid making an unfortunate and untimely end.

And with the Tartar our journey ends, from the next update, we will explore other aspects of this fantastic expansion, but meanwhile, the update continues with additional relevant information!

Essen 2019 call to arms!

Also this year LMS will be at the Essen Spiel to be held from 24 to 27 October 2019, and even this year we are looking for willing people to help us with our demo tables! If you are interested in being our ambassador for one or more days of the convention, you can fill out this Form, Marcobaleno will contact you and explain in detail the conditions of your collaboration! 

Let's go! We are waiting for you!

I Wave Shipping

Unfortunately, we have no good news from Shipnaked about shipments of the rest of the I wave. We know (because we have the same problem with American shipments of Sine Tempore) that at this time the fulfillment company is charged with previous orders to dispose of. This situation affects the finalization of BRW's shipments that are currently scheduled between late August and early September. This situation is general for deliveries to every zone of the world. We are obviously sorry for this situation since the boxes have been in the warehouses for months and we would like the condition to be resolved as soon as possible. We will keep you informed if the situation should be released earlier than expected.

II Wave Production

II wave production proceeds in the right way! We are receiving the final samples of the Sator Box models, and we are delighted with the result. With these miniatures, together with those of Dungeonology, we are raising the level of quality even more compared to the Sine Tempore very high quality.

Today we show you all the miniatures of the Elementalist "set" and the Mighty Infamy of Crete!

With the power of the Elements!
With the power of the Elements!
It rocks! (Earth Elemental)
It rocks! (Earth Elemental)
Feel the thunder! (Air Elemental)
Feel the thunder! (Air Elemental)
Elemental Family Shot!
Elemental Family Shot!
The (BIG) Infamy of Crete!
The (BIG) Infamy of Crete!

On the Graphic Material side, we are solving the big knot of translations. We are looking for solutions with the factory that will allow us to save weight on language packs which, with their 1400 cards, risk weighing too much on shipping costs.
In the next update, we will be able to give you more precise information, but do not worry; we are not going to cut the material but only optimize it.

That's all for this Sunday update, see you in a couple of weeks for an update in the summertime! 

A little (japanese) spoiler for the next update
A little (japanese) spoiler for the next update

Infernal Rooms Episode 5 (and much...much more)
about 2 months ago – Wed, Jul 10, 2019 at 01:29:11 AM

Hello Magisters!

Welcome to an Update full of news, surprises, and miniatures!

There is so much meat on the fire, so a few words and we immediately start exploring the Yellow rooms of Inferno!

Bolgia dei Simoniaci (Circle of Simoniacs)

This bedlam punishes one of the most hateful sins for the Church. The Simoniacs are those who in life was enriched with the trade in spiritual goods, in particular, ecclesiastical offices.

To punish their greed, the sinners are strung upside down in tight pits, and their feet are skinned by the terrible flames that burn forever!

My feet are on fire!
My feet are on fire!

In this room, the Mages can search for a card in one of the Library's discard piles and add it to their hand. Furthermore, by suffering a  wound from Lucifer, the effect can be repeated immediately.

During a game this room will be loved by all Magisters; adding 2 cards to your hand for a wound is a considerable advantage both to increase your choices and to have a good supply of cards to acquire a Forgotten Spell.


In the first circle of Inferno live the souls of those who have not received the Baptism in life and therefore cannot enjoy the closeness to God but are not even punished for any sin. The souls live in this peaceful place, but they will never be truly happy and wander sad and calm in an endless dream garden.

The disturbing peace of Limbo
The disturbing peace of Limbo

The Mages in this room will find a moment of peace and can heal 3 of their wounds, but as often happens in Inferno everything has a price and therefore a Magister who has activated this room will also have to heal 2 wounds from one of Lucifer's demons.

The effect can be useful to manage the damage on your character and in addition to avoiding a premature death allows you to control the injuries suffered by avoiding giving too many points to Lucifer or a Mage who is taking too much advantage over others.

Cerchio degli Avari (Circle of Avars)

In this circle, the souls of the Avars are divided into two ranks and condemned to push enormous boulders. When the two groups meet, they begin to insult each other and to accuse each other of their faults.

Those boulders seem really heavy...
Those boulders seem really heavy...

A Magister who activates this room draws the first two Quest cards of the current Moon, if he has more than two Quests, he must discard one; otherwise, he can keep both! 

Immediately after, however, he must draw an Event card and directly apply its effect.

As many veteran Mages already know, the strategy of betting on Quests to win a game can be very satisfying, and surely this room helps this purpose, the important thing is to know that the backlash of the event card could be devastating for all players!

And even for today, the hellish sightseeing tour is over, in the next Update we will visit the Purple rooms and the last and most fearsome room, the Lucifer lair... the "Tartaro"!

From China with love

Good news for our Chinese Backes! As you know, we have opened a partnership with the Chinese distributor Enjoygames that will take BRW to the East and has already translated all the I wave material. The good news is that our partner has been willing to make a Chinese language pack for our backers who will request it!

So if a backer wants the translated material he will receive a language pack for the I wave stuff and the II wave directly translated without additional costs!

We thank Enjoygames for this wonderful initiative! So whoever wants to get the Chinese language pack can contact us directly in one of our channels, and we will provide the procedure to receive BRW in Chinese! What are you waiting for? Hurry up!

I Wave shipping

At the moment we are planning to ship the I wave to the backers who had selected the single shipment together with ShipNaked. Unfortunately, at this time the shipping channels are very clogged, and therefore there will likely be a postponement of shipments compared to what we had planned for May, and it is therefore likely that deliveries will start between the end of July and the month of August. We are trying to push to speed up, and we will keep you informed on the development of the situation, but we are confident that by the summer you will receive your boxes. Stay tuned! 

BRW on "Io Gioco"... a new expansion for everyone!

We are honored to inform you that BRW has ended up on the cover of Io Gioco, the famous Italian board games magazine!

Mummy, look at us! We are famous!
Mummy, look at us! We are famous!

In this month's issue, as well as an in-depth review of our favorite game, the magazine contains the rules and material for playing BRW with a completely new way created by LMS with Marco Montanaro's overview, the Ordeal mode!

In this mode the "Ordeal Cards" will be used, a new type of card that represent specific tasks that the Mages must fulfill by the end of the game to prevent the Black Rose from obtaining additional Power Points. Each Ordalia Card has two different tasks that if performed will give points to both the Mage and the Black Rose, but if the Magister fails one of the two ordeals, the Black Rose will be the only one to gain Power Points.

Ordeal Cards and rules!
Ordeal Cards and rules!

The Italian Magisters will be able to play this new mode right away ... and everyone else?

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten you! We are pleased to inform you that all the rules and material for playing the Ordeal will be entered in Ashes (our webzine) in the special issue that we will produce for Essen Spiel 2019! The physical copy can then be purchased directly at the convention and will be available in our shop immediately afterward!

In this way, those who wish can test themselves with the Ordeal!

Red Wax Miniatures!

And to conclude this rich Update, directly from the Chinese factory here are the first photos of the II Wave models made in Red Wax

This stage of the work precedes the final printing, and therefore, those you see in the photos are practically the same models you will receive!

Today we show you some models, but in every Update, we will show you new ones to make your hype grow more and more.

The little Lucifer...
The little Lucifer...
Arthur Vox!
Arthur Vox!
Corax! My favourite Magister evah!
Corax! My favourite Magister evah!
When i grow i want to be an Abomination!
When i grow i want to be an Abomination!

That's all for today! See you in a couple of weeks for more news, more infernal rooms and more Miniatures!


Infernal Rooms - Episode 4 -
2 months ago – Wed, Jun 19, 2019 at 02:41:22 AM

Hello, Magisters!

Welcome to this long-awaited update! Finally after explorations of Dungeons, Marriages, and Honeymoons, we can resume with the updates dedicated to the BRW II wave with a tighter frequency, and obviously, we pick up where we left off in April, continuing to explore the Inferno rooms dedicating ourselves to the Blue Rooms!

Bolgia dei Maghi (aka Circle of Mages)

This Circle hosts the souls of all those who in life have arrogated to themselves the right to aspire to have powers that instead compete only with God, and for this reason, it is obviously very feared by all those who frequent the Black Rose Lodge.

In this room, the Mages souls wander with their heads distorted backward so that they can remember for eternity how great and blasphemous was their ambition and thirst for power.

The power of this room is similar to that of the Room of Mirrors in the base game and will allow you to copy the effect of another room in the lodge, with the only difference that each time it is activated, Lucifer will gain 1 PowerPoint.

As it happens for the Room of Mirrors also, the Bolgia dei Maghi will prove to be one of the most useful rooms for the Magisters, who will, however, have to use his powers wisely since giving Lucifer Power Points will only increase the difficulty of a game of Inferno.

Bolgia dei Maghi
Bolgia dei Maghi

Cerchio dei Traditori (aka Circle of Traitors)

The deepest Circle of Hell accommodates those who betrayed the people who trusted them, the most abject crime of all.

The Traitors are immersed in the frozen lake called Cocito, and if this were not enough, the cold air is lashed by the wind generated by the beating of Lucifer's wings in person!

In this room, the Mages will be able to steal 1 Power Point from the other nearby Mages, but each time they do, they will also suffer a wound from Lucifer.

You will love this room if you want to set your strategy, even trying to win the Inferno game individually, but if on the contrary, you are doing teamwork completely, you will notice right away that manipulating the Power Points of your group of Mages will be useful to get to the victory. In both cases, you will have to be careful of Lucifer, always ready to take a feast of Mages wounds.

Cerchio dei Traditori
Cerchio dei Traditori

Bolgia dei Barattieri (aka Cirlce of Barrators)

In the pit of boiling pitch that occupies this room, the Barrators are immersed or rather those who in life took advantage of their public offices to increase their profits and accumulate such great wealth on the shoulders of those who should have governed. To the watch of these scammers, there is a particularly cruel breed of demons called Farfarello. These demons stand guard and harass the damned with their spears fluttering above the pit without getting their hands dirty.

A Mage in this room will be able to summon a Farfarello under his control: this annoying Demon has rather poor statistics, but every time it attacks, the controlling player can Convert Stability in the same room of the Demon.

This ability can be useful on many occasions for the more aggressive Magisters to steal tasty Pointsfrom other more... "destroyers" players. As with all the demons of Inferno, its controller can suffer a wound to make it act as it is summoned.

Bolgia dei Barattieri
Bolgia dei Barattieri

I Wave final shipping

As you know the I wave will soon be sent to all the backers who had not optioned the double shipment. As you may recall, this news was given in the latest update and was taken due to the lengthening of the II wave delivery times, so as not to leave 80% of backers dry-mouthed for too many months.

We can confirm that shipments from the various hubs (the same ones from which the boxes have already arrived at their destination in these months) will start in July. We are waiting for them to confirm the date on which the shipments will start, but we are confident that during the summer you will probably have BRW in your homes and you will be ready to cast Fireballs without remorse to make Marco Montanaro proud of you!

Farfarello model and cards
Farfarello model and cards

Damaged/Missing parts replacement

Unfortunately, on this front, we have had some difficulties, and at the moment we do not have a number of goods such as to satisfy all the requests that have arrived. However, in the meantime, we have finally sent the substitutions we had available.

Among the components that we have not been able to send to everyone there are the miniatures of Medusa (Chrono) and Marco (Hidden Thorne), but next month we will receive new boxes to provide for the missing replacements and those that will arrive, and we will try to finish the shipments by the end of the summer. We ask you for some patience and feedback to help us give you a better service :)

That's all for this week, see you next week for the last trip through the Inferno rooms! 

And what will await us later?

Stay tuned!

Wave 2 cards!
3 months ago – Sat, May 18, 2019 at 02:40:02 AM

 Hi everyone, 

this will be a short but intense update, in fact we’re introducing all the cards of the schools of magic in the second wave: 

All 2nd Wave schools of magic!

Call to action, help us to find typo, grammar errors or symbol mistake!

We are sorry to inform you that the second wave is running late, in part because the first wave took a little longer than expected, and in part because we’re waiting for the translated files for the language packages, and without those we can’t start production of the printed materials. 

Thankfully the papers and cardboards materials are the fastest to produce, so we don’t expect the delay to be longer than a few months or so. Unfortunately we can’t be any more specific because it all depends on when we receive the translated files. 

As is standard practice here at LMS, to make up for it we’ve launched two initiatives:  

all wave 1 boxes will be delivered between July and August, including to backers that opted for a single shipment, in an effort to minimise delays and also in view of the positive feedback the game is receiving.

Those who paid for a double shipment will nonetheless have received the materials about 5 months earlier than the others. 

To make up for the delay, we'll give you for free a new Forgotten spell, in the hope that it will ease the wait. 

The card will be published soon, stay tuned.  

That’s all for now, see you in two weeks with another update.